hermitlux Wall Mounted Range Hood HMX-USD24Y75AC 85W

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Space Saving: Top-wall vented range hood can save your kitchen space. There is no problem purchasing the same size as your stove because you have the wall which will guide up any steam coming up and make the most of your kitchen space.

kitchen range hood

Superior Filtration: Charcoal filters not only adsorb unpleasant chemicals quickly, but also highly effective at removing odors, moreover, it’s easy to replace and not need to be washed.

range hood accessories_2x 5 Layers aluminum filter

Powerful Suction: The Kitchen range hood has 3-speed exhaust fan to meet your different requirements, removes smells and odors with ease for a clean kitchen.

range hood blower wheel

Smart Technology: Energy-efficient LED lights provide enough brightness to help illuminate your cooking space. A sensitive push-button control panel allows you to adjust various operations.

Range hood bulbs privides effective lighting

Easy Installation &Customer Satisfaction: Come with 3-pins plug, chimney cover, manual, 2 charcoal filters, any installation details will be shown in the manual. If you have any other questions about this range hood, please contact us asap, we are always here to provide professional help.

Good Quality Stainless Steel: Upgrade your kitchen with our modern pyramid wall-mount range hood. Experience the quality of our premium brushed stainless steel construction, which can  withstand high heat, grease, oil, and steam. This range hood is quiet, with a 49.58dB max. It’s also energy-efficient, as it utilizes high lumen LED lighting for cost savings. Trust us for your next appliance for premium quality at factory-direct prices.

best range hood for your kitchen


Size: 30 inch

Color: sliver

Control Type: Push Button

Product Dimensions: 30”x7.79”x19”

Packing Dimensions: 33”x11.4”x22”

Material Type: Stainless Steel

Installation Type: Wall mount

Chimney Height: 400+400mm

Ventilation: Ducted

Noise: 49.58db

Illumination: Cold light; 1.5W*2

Ducting Pipe: 2 m aluminum pipe

Venting Size: 150mm/6 inches

Power: 206 CFM

Motor Type: Y-350m3/h-85W

Plug: Three-pin plug

Electrical supply: 110-120 volt

Packing:ISTA 3A packing

Range hood filter Material: Aluminum  Quantity: 2;  Type: 2x 5 Layers aluminum filter

range hood aluminum mesh filters

Charcoal filters require replacement approximately every 150 hours of cooking.

Levels Of Speed: 3

Low speed, used for general ventilation on the kitchen. Medium speed, ideally for ventilation in standard cooking operation. High speed for highest effective ventilation when high density of smoke produced.

push button for easy use


Range hood*1

Duct pipe*1

Oil collection cup*1

Fixing part*1

Instructions *1

Charcoal filter *2



*With some simple math ,you can determine how tall the range hood needs to be

Range hood height= total ceiling height-cook top height-distance from cook top to range hood.

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